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The AIC Alumni Varsity Club and today’s AIC athletes appreciate your support!

You can support the AIC Yellow Jackets even when you can’t get to a game. For decades the purpose of the Alumni Varsity Club has been to assist AIC in promoting and fostering interest in AIC athletes and athletics.

As a member of the Alumni Varsity your dues and contributions make all the difference when providing scholarship money to today’s Yellow Jackets that make us so proud on the courts, fields, mats, and in the classroom.


Past years’ accomplishments have provided funding not only for scholarships but for irrigation systems, scoreboards, batting cages, merchandise, Homecoming, the Spring Fling, the Chipman Golf tournament, and many other endeavors.


In order to keep improving the athletic facilities and support the athletes, we need your help. The annual dues are only $35.00. Club membership lasts from September to August. The dues collected by The AIC Alumni Varsity Club will help to maintain our annual operating budget, as well as continue providing services like those listed above.

If you already are a member, we ask that you continue your membership. If you are not a member, please use the form below to join us in our efforts to support the athletic program that you enjoyed when you were AIC athletes.

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