AIC Launches New Online Graduate Forensic Psychology Program

American International College (AIC) is pleased to introduce the debut of an online Master of Science in Forensic Psychology program. This new offering, complementing the College’s established in-person program, is tailored for those with a bachelor’s degree who have an interest in psychology, criminal minds and behavior, and the workings of the criminal justice system.

According to Susanne Swanker, Dean of the School of Business, Arts, and Sciences, the program is designed to meet the evolving needs of today’s students. Swanker stated, “We are excited to offer this program in an online, asynchronous modality. This move reflects AIC’s commitment to adapting to the changing educational landscape, allowing us to reach a broader audience of aspiring forensic psychologists, empowering them with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in this critical field.”

Director of Graduate Psychology, Lina Racicot, distinguishes AIC’s Forensic Psychology online program as a unique opportunity to study the psychopathology of criminal minds and behavior, from serial killers to individuals with comorbid mental health and addiction issues. Racicot adds that students will delve into various subjects, including policing, evidence practices, victimization, risk assessment, and other specialized topics, equipping them to become change-makers in the field.

Racicot commented, “This program presents an exciting prospect for those aspiring to work as case managers, victim advocates, court and corrections personnel, or pursue doctoral programs with a forensic specialization to become psychologists.”

AIC’s online Master of Science in Forensic Psychology program delivers the same high-quality instruction as the in-person program, both aimed at preparing students for future graduate studies. However, after earning their degree, many students embark on careers in a wide range of public and private settings, including prisons, youth facilities, social services, and mental health agencies. Some even explore careers as forensic researchers or positions with federal and state agencies.

To assist students in building the necessary technical and learning skills, AIC offers a free orientation course for online learners. This orientation introduces students to the full array of services available to both distance and on-campus students at AIC, as well as what to expect from online learning.

For those interested in learning more about AIC’s new online Master of Science in Forensic Psychology program, please visit the College website at Forensic Psychology (online) – School of Business, Arts & Sciences – AIC. Student applications are now being accepted for the inaugural online program, set to begin in January for the Spring 2024 semester.


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