To “Bee” or not to “Bee”

Fan cutouts now available


Are you cut out to be a Yellow Jackets fan?

Pardon the pun. We know yellow jackets are not bees! However, AIC has a great opportunity for fans of the Yellow Jackets during a time when they can’t attend games in person: Fan cutouts!

As the college’s athletes prepare for a season like no other, the Athletic Department is offering fans an opportunity to join the Yellow Jackets at a variety of sporting venues including on the ice, in the gym, and on the field – even if they cannot physically be at the game.

By purchasing a cutout of yourself, a friend, a family member, or even your pet, fans of the AIC Yellow Jackets can still be part of the action while supporting our student-athletes. More information and guidelines for orders are available by clicking on

Go, teams! Yeah, fans!

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