Request Graduate Level Credits for SEI Teacher’s Endorsement Course

Directions for completing the application to request graduate level credits for sheltered English immersion (RETELL) endorsement course or administrator’s course.

American International College is offering the opportunity to teachers who are participants in the SEI Endorsement Course, RETELL (FULL), or ADMINISTRATOR’S COURSE to purchase Graduate Level credits for $150 or $50, depending on the course completed.

Complete the Application to Request Graduate Level Credits, pay $150 or $50 by credit card, money order, personal check or bank check to “American International College” — no cash, please! — submit by E-mail, FAX (413.205.3598) or U.S. Mail to:

American International College
1000 State Street
Extended Campus Programs, Box 2B
Springfield, MA 01109
Att.: Margaret F. Kelliher, Director of Professional Development
Fax: 413.205.3598
Phone: 413.654.1744

All Applications to Request Graduate Level Credits must be completed, paid in full and submitted before the last meeting of the course. NO REQUESTS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER THE COURSE HAS ENDED! If you need further information or have any questions, use the contact information above.


Accessing Your Grade (SEI)

Once your course is completed and grades have been submitted by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) to the college, you may access your grade by requesting an official Transcript. The cost for this service is $10.00.

Thank you for choosing American International College!

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