Community Engagement

AIC Pioneer Valley K-12 Tutorial (AIC PVK-12 Tutorial)

K-12 is AIC’s externally facing program that allows individuals and local school districts hire AIC tutors to assist students with language based disabilities.

Springfield Scholar Athletes

In conjunction with Springfield Scholar Athletes, AIC offers a one-credit service learning course, through which AIC students mentor area high school students to overcome hurdles to education.

College Steps

AIC is proud to partner with College Steps, a non-profit organization that offers an enhanced level of individualized college support for students with social, communication or learning challenges.

Model Congress

Since 1940 AIC’s model congress has been giving high school students the opportunity to express leadership and think critically. High school delegates gather at AIC for this event involving, debates, regional politician speakers, and model bill crafting.

Action in the Community Day

Action in the Community Day, also known as AIC Day, is a very important tradition at American International College. Students, staff, and faculty join together to give back to the Springfield Community. Whether it is raking leaves for the elderly, or connecting with the children, AIC Day is an opportunity to connect, reflect, and make a difference.

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