Services and Pricing

How it works:

Since 1977, we’ve supported undergraduate students through fee-based, personalized, one-on-one tutoring. We offer a comprehensive plan that allows for up to 5 hours per week with a professional tutor/learning disabilities specialist. We will plan a program with your specialist that’s tailored to your strengths and weaknesses. We’ll also assist with selecting courses, organizing work and study schedules and determining what other aids are necessary.

We also offer block plans for any student that wishes to engage in tutoring with our specialists for either one class that may be providing a challenge, or during examination periods.

2019-20 Fee Schedule:

 Comprehensive Plan:  Up to 5 hours per week / $2,775 per semester
Block Plan 45 Total of 45 hours for the semester / 3 hours per week / $2,250. per semester
Block Plan 30 Total of 30 hours for the semester / 2 hours per week / $1,800 per semester
 Block Plan 15  Total of 15 hours for the semester / 1 hour per week / $975 per semester

SLS tutoring is also available in the summer for students enrolled in summer courses:

Summer Session 1 (7 weeks)

2 hours per week: $840

1 hour per week: $445

Summer Session 2 ( 7 weeks)

2 hours per week: $840

1 hour per week: $445

Areas of Assistance:

Get help in a wide variety of areas, including:

  • Goal setting
  • Study skills
  • Self-advocacy
  • Note taking
  • Test taking
  • Time management
  • Written expression

How to Apply for Supportive Learning Services:

To enroll in Supportive Learning Services please fill out our tutoring request form.

How to Apply for Academic or Physical Accommodations:

In addition to tutoring offered through Supportive Learning Services, students with diagnosed learning disabilities are also encouraged to self-advocate through the College’s  Center for Accessibility Services and Academic Accommodations (CASAA).

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