Student Testimonials

“I utilized the Supportive Learning Services (SLS) tutoring program for 5 years to complete my BA in Business Management.  SLS has helped me out tremendously and they can help you too.  With the help of the learning specialists, I was always organized and prepared which helped me to greatly reduce my academic stress.  This program was built to help all students, with or without disabilities, to help guide us in the right direction.  They truly believe that everyone should be successful even if it takes a little more effort to do so.  At SLS, I promise that you will get the help and guidance that you need and deserve to be the best student you can be.”

  • Jacqueline Lopez, Class of ‘19


“Without my wonderful learning specialists at SLS, I wouldn’t have achieved my academic success.  They taught me how to better manage my time and stay organized, which was very important because I was a student-athlete on the football team.  SLS is a great resource at American International College, and I cannot thank them enough for the support and confidence they gave me day in and day out.”

  • Zachary A., Class of ‘17


“College was not in the cards for me initially because I did not have the best grades in high school.  However, once I found out about the SLS program, going to AIC was the best decision I made in my educational career.  I chose AIC because of the SLS program and the many benefits it provided me throughout my undergrad.  First off, the learning specialists really do care about their students and show it by making an individual learning plan that best fits each student’s needs.  Each learning specialist takes the time to check in on their students and are willing to go above and beyond to make sure their students are succeeding.  If this program was not a part of AIC, I would have failed most of my classes.”

  • Hunter L., Class of ‘20


“SLS is like a small family.  Once you walk through those doors, you will feel accomplished because the learning specialists will not stop until you understand and complete the entire assignment.  Their efforts to motivate you are second to none and truly helped me to find my potential as a student. SLS is also a great way to network with people around campus, especially if you are new to the college.  I would not have a bachelor’s degree if I did not utilize this program.  I would recommend SLS to anyone!”

  • Kyle T., Class of ‘17


“I joined Supportive Learning Services (SLS) for a couple reasons.  The first reason is due to having an auditory processing disorder, which is a comprehension disorder, making it difficult to understand a basic conversation.  The second reason was due to maintaining grades throughout my undergraduate experience.  Both my learning specialists helped me tremendously with my writing habits, organizational skills, and work ethic.  I also made great friends with other students in the program who I studied with during my free time.  SLS was extremely helpful and crucial for success in my courses.  I would recommend the program to all students who are struggling in their courses and need that extra help figuring out not only how to study but using a personalized study method that helps them to thrive and excel.”

  • Bethany B., Class of ‘21


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