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AIC Professors on Connecting Point

In Venezuela, the situation has rapidly spun out of control with embattled socialist President Nicolas Maduro refusing to admit there is a humanitarian crisis. Maduro’s forces are also preventing humanitarian aid, including food and medicine, from coming into the country.

The host of Connecting Point, a production of the local PBS affiliate, sat down with AIC faculty members retired Lt. Colonel Gary Lefort, MBA, professor of International Business and Thomas Maulucci, PhD, professor and chair of the History department to learn what’s behind the turmoil in the Latin American country.

You can watch this very informative interview in its entirety by clicking on the link below.

WGBY: Tensions in Venezuela

AIC is fortunate to have members of the faculty who are experts in their field and who are honored to be invited to share their knowledge and experience to benefit the greater community.

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