Dear Mount Ida College Students and Accepted Students,

We at American International College know this is a challenging time for students of Mount Ida as you prepare to move forward from a place where you have grown intellectually and as individuals, and where you have forged friendships and made memories. In consideration of you, and those students who planned to attend Mount Ida, we want to offer our support in pursuit of your academic goals.

Less than an hour and a half from Mount Ida, AIC is located in the heart of Springfield, the economic and social center of western Massachusetts. A small, private liberal arts college with a welcoming and diverse campus community, AIC is dedicated to providing access to a quality education with a commitment to your personal, emotional, and intellectual development—all with affordability in mind. 

Our 40 undergraduate and 15 specialized graduate degree program offerings will set you on the path to reach your career aspirations. We invite you to take advantage of AIC’s rolling admissions process and generous financial aid. We’ll even waive the application fees. 

We are here to assist and encourage you to reach out to us with all your questions. Please give us a call at 800.242.3142 or email us at For more information, you can always visit us at 

At AIC, we have a Higher Dedication to your success. Let us put that to work and help you realize your dreams.

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