New Program Prepares Tomorrow’s Leaders

A patient receives occupational therapy and walking assistance

There is a specialty in healthcare that finds solutions every day to myriad unique challenges, things that many of us take for granted. For example, a young person who can’t throw a ball overhead due to a disability wants to be able to play basketball or an elderly woman who is unsteady on her feet yet wants to walk down the aisle when her granddaughter gets married.

That specialty is called occupational therapy and the need is growing. The Bureau of Labor Statistics cites occupational therapy as one of the fastest-growing healthcare fields. It projects 29% growth by 2024 and estimates that 30,400 new jobs will be added to the 114,600 that already exist.

AIC has created a new, post-professional doctoral program for occupational therapists working in the field to meet the future demand for teaching professionals or individuals who possess the qualifications needed to assume high-ranking positions.

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