Winterfest Wonder

Painting by Rain Bowrys, Concept Vibrant Sunset capturing creating the illusion of space distance, Course name The Vital Basics Drawing, Painting, and Sculpture
The Vital Basics – Drawing, Painting, and Sculpture: Vibrant Sunset by Rain Bowrys, capturing and creating the illusion of space and distance.


Flashback thirty years to the close of the final curtain on an annual tradition at American International College called the AIC Winter Festival. Fast forward to 2020, and the Winter Festival has returned as a creative, online event highlighting students’ work in digital and video production, photography, graphic design, poetry writing, and theater. Chair of Communications and the Arts and Theater Arts Director Frank Borrelli, MFA previewed the festival on WWLP-MassAppeal. Festival entries remain online for your holiday enjoyment at AIC Winterfest.

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