Summer Jumpstart Program

Accepted Undergraduate Students Summer Program

Every year AIC invites a small group of newly admitted freshmen students to take part in AIC’s Summer Jumpstart Program. This program provides students with a FREE college course, along with a great support network to ease the transition from high school to college. Students live on campus and meet daily for one week. All costs, including the textbook, are covered! The 2019 program will take place in August with more details to be announced.

Why participate?

  • You’ll be done with one three-credit college course before you’ve even started the fall semester.
  • You’ll have a head-start on your academic career.
  • You’ll make your future semesters easier to manage.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to meet
    • faculty
    • your future classmates
  • You’ll get to know the AIC campus better.

To learn more please contact Jenna Stolarik at or via phone at 413.205.3272.


Professor Melissa MacDonaldThis year’s course will be in the field of Sociology, the scientific study of society. This course is designed to introduce you to a range of key sociological principles, major sociological theories, and primary methods of sociological research. You will explore the intersecting effects of power, privilege, and oppression by participating in interactive workshops, classroom discussions, social experiments, and a variety of unique group learning activities. In this course, you will develop your sociological imagination by relating sociological principles to your own life experiences. In addition, you will have the opportunity to develop relationships with faculty, meet other entering freshmen, benefit from peer mentors, connect with campus resources, and develop skills necessary to thrive academically. This course is being taught by Dr. Melissa MacDonald, Assistant Professor and Chair of the Sociology Department.


Eligibility for this program is determined by the Admissions Office. Please call the office at 413.205.3201 for more information.

Application Process

To apply please fill out the form below. You will receive an email once we have received your form and confirmed your registration.

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