First-Year FAQ



Q: What makes AIC an ‘International’ college?
Q: What kinds of scholarships do you offer?
Q: I took some college courses in high school. Does that make me a transfer student?
Q: Do you accept AP and IB credit?
Q: What are AIC’s school codes?
Q: I played a sport in high school. How can I get involved in athletics at AIC?
Q: Is housing guaranteed for undergraduate students?
Q: When is the application deadline?
Q: What documents do I need to submit in order to complete my application for admission?
Q: What are some fun things to do on campus and around the Springfield area when I have free time?
Q: Can I receive academic help if I need it?
Q: Do you have any special programs for students with learning disabilities or first-generation college students?
Q: What kinds of transportation are available around campus?
Q: Can I get a job on campus?
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