Graduate Enrollment Deposit

We’re so excited that you’ve decided to become a member of the AIC family!

The next step in the process is to pay your admissions enrollment deposit. You can pay your deposit online by clicking the link below. You can also mail in your deposit by completing the form below and mailing it back to us. You are just one step away from officially becoming an AIC Yellow Jacket!

Deposit Online

Still have questions? Let’s see if you can answer them!

When should I pay my deposit?
Deposit deadlines vary by program, so it is best to refer to the enrollment deadline included in your acceptance letter. If you are unable to make a deposit by the date stated on your acceptance letter, we ask that you contact our department as soon as possible and we will try to make other arrangements.
How can I pay my deposit?
We accept cash, check or credit card for the deposit. The deposit for our Doctor of Physical Therapy and Master of Occupational Therapy programs is $500; the deposit for all other graduate programs is $200. (Please note: M.Ed. and CAGs programs within the School of Education program do not require a deposit). Deposits can be paid online using the link above, over the phone at 413.205.3201, in person at our office, or by mailing your deposit to us with the Tuition Deposit Form, which you can download from the link above.
Can I deposit before my enrollment deadline date?
Yes! You may deposit at any time before your specific deadline.
Can I deposit after my enrollment deadline date?
Yes, if you have received an approved deposit extension from the dean of graduate admissions. Please reach out to your admissions counselor if you feel you need an extension.
Can I deposit to multiple schools?
Technically, yes, but we would strongly urge you not to do this for two reasons. The first is that you will more than likely lose your deposit(s) at the school(s) you decide not to attend. Secondly, your backup deposits(s) can potentially keep out other students who really want to attend AIC as their first choice.
Can I register for classes without depositing?
No, students may not register or attend classes without submitting their enrollment deposit.
Is the deposit binding? If I end up not going to a school to which I paid a deposit, do I have a financial commitment to the college?
The deposit is not a legal binding exchange, and it does not make you financially responsible to AIC for tuition and fees. However, AIC’s deposit is non-refundable, so you will not get your deposit back if your enrollment plans change.
Do I have to pay the deposit?
Yes, we require all students to submit a deposit.
Is the deposit negotiable?
No. AIC does not accept payment plans for deposits. If you need a deposit extension, please reach out to your admissions counselor.
What if my deposit bounces?
If your deposit payment does not go through, you will be contacted by your admissions counselor for another form of payment. You will not be considered a confirmed, deposited student until the deposit is successfully paid.
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