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There are still a few steps you need to complete before your first day of classes. Take a look at each item listed below and complete all of the necessary ones that pertain to you as soon as they’re available. Think of these steps as a road map to your future at AIC.

Activate your student email
  • It’s time to get connected to American International College. As an AIC student, you will receive a personalized email account and access to a student portal. Logging in to your new account opens doors to information regarding course registration, program information, news, events and so much more!
      • Click HERE to learn how to Get Connected.
  • Any student considering to commute to AIC must fill out the Commuter Eligibility Application in order to be considered for commuter status. Commuter Status is not automatically granted*.
  • Students who have either fulfilled their residency requirement (3 years of on campus living), or meet one of the residency requirement exemptions may apply for commuter status, should they be interested. Those exemptions include:
    • You are 23 years of age or older.
    • You live with your parent(s) or guardian(s) within 30 miles of AIC.
    • You are a legally responsible party for dependent children or other family members.
    • You live with your spouse.
    • You need special housing due to a physical disability that AIC cannot reasonably accommodate.
  • To learn more about Commuter Eligibility, please visit our Residence life website.
  • To Apply for Commuter Status:
    • Make sure to activate your student email 24 hours prior to continuing.
    • Login to the MyHousing Portal
      • If you receive an “Error 500” message, or if you cannot login, the AIC IT Help Desk will be able to assist.
    • Click “Application” at the top of the main MyHousing Portal page
    • Select the Commuter Student Eligibility Application 2022-2023
    • Read the Commuter Student Agreement carefully, and leave an electronic signature
    • Complete the Application and click “Continue”
    • You will receive a confirmation message and email to your Outlook inbox, via your student email, indicating that your application has been received.
  • Responses to completed Commuter Student Eligibility Applications begin on April 29th.
    • We carefully review our applications, and sometimes we find that a student who is still required to live on campus and they have submitted an application to live on campus. If this is the case, you will be notified of why you have not been approved and our office will work with you to find the best on-campus housing option for you.
    • Make sure to activate your student email 24 hours prior to continuing.
    • Login to the MyHousing Portal.
      • If you receive an “Error 500” message, or if you cannot login, the AIC IT Help Desk will be able to assist.
    • Click “Application” at the top of the page, and select the “New & Transfer Student Housing Application: 2022-2023”
    • Review the AIC Housing Agreement, and leave a signature at the bottom of the page to advance into the application.
    • Enter your contact information, your housing preferences, and your emergency contact information.
    • You will receive a confirmation message and email to your Outlook inbox, via your student email, indicating that your application has been received.
  • Learn about Roommate Matching on the Residence Life website.


  • March 1st:The New & Transfer Student Housing Application opens on the MyHousing Portal
  • April 29th:The Roommate Matching process opens in the MyHousing Portal. Note: only students who have applied for housing will be able to search for roommates AND only students who have applied will appear in the potential roommate pool.
  • June 30th:Priority New & Transfer Student Housing Application Deadline.
  • July 15thStudents who applied for housing by June 30th will receive their housing assignments.
  • August 1stStudents who applied for housing between July 1st and July 31st will receive their housing assignment.
  • August 1stStudents who apply for housing after August 1st will receive their housing assignment within 5 business days of their application being received, or by August 20th, whichever occurs first.
  • August 26thMove-In Weekend & New Student Orientation
Complete ACCUPLACER Test
  • An essential step to becoming a matriculated student this Fall is completing the ACCUPLACER Placement Test hosted by Proctortrack. This exam allows you and your Student Success Advisor determine course placement for your first semester at AIC. Without completing this placement test, you will not be able to create your class schedule.
  • For more detailed information about how the Accuplacer, please visit: https://go.aic.edu/portal/PlacementTesting.
Register for a Summer Summit Day session
  • We can’t wait until Orientation Day to meet you, so we’re holding Summer Summit Sessions throughout the summer to prepare you for the first day of classes!
  • Visit the Summer Summit Day website to register for a session that works best for your schedule:
Create Class Schedule with Student Success Advisor
  • During Summer Summit Day, you’ll work with a Student Success Advisor in order to create your class schedule for the fall semester.
  • Visit our website in order to learn more about your class schedule and Student Success Advising.
Complete Financial Responsibility Agreement
  • The Financial Responsibility Agreement may be found and completed online.
    • This document is your official contractual agreement with American International College that when signed, you promise to pay for all assessed tuition, fees and other associated costs by the published or assigned due date.
    • Please read the full document before signing.
    • Note that this document must be electronically signed every year before the start of classes.
Submit Health Services Forms
  • All students are required to complete both required health forms.
    • Page 1: Medical History Form
      • Must be filled out by yourself and/or a parent or guardian.
      • Health Science Students must have proof of a two-step Tuberculin Skin test (Mantoux) or QuantiFERON-TB Gold blood test completed prior to the start of classes.
      • Student Athletes must provide proof of a sickle cell solubility blood test.
    • Page 2: Physical Examination and Immunization Form
      • Must be completed by a licensed medical provider (MD, DO, NP, or PA).
      • A copy of your yearly physical with your immunizations record attached is also acceptable.
  • Forms can be returned via:
    • Upload to your AIC Patient Portal
    • Email: Dexter.Health@aic.edu
    • Fax: 413.205.3512
    • Postal mail: 1000 State St, Box 55, ATTN: Dexter Health Services, Springfield, MA 01109
    • In person: During College business hours, during a Summer Summit Session, or at the start of the semester.
  • Direct all health form related questions to Dexter Health Services: 413.205.3248, Dexter.Health@aic.edu
Enroll In or Waive College Health Insurance

Student Health Insurance: Submit waiver or enrollment at www.universityhealthplans.com/aic

  • Why your bill reflects a Health Insurance charge
    • All Students who fall under the health insurance requirement, as per the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, will automatically be charged the Student Health Plan fee on their bill.
  • Official Enrollment Process
    • If you are planning to use the student health insurance plan (SHIP), you’re required ti complete the enrollment form online. Students required to have insurance who do not submit an enrollment or waiver form will be enrolled in the SHIP after the deadline, retroactive to August 1, 2020.
    • Part-time students who are not mandated to have insurance may enroll in the SHIP on a voluntary basis by completing the enrollment form by the deadline. The insurance charge will be added to the student billing statement.
  • Official Waiver Process
    • If you are covered by a comprehensive health insurance plan you can opt-out of the AIC Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) by completing the petition to waive form online.
    • Before waiving, compare the cost, coverage, and benefits of the SHIP to your existing plan. Please consider the following:
      • Your plan must provide access to in-network doctors, hospitals, labs, pharmacies, and behavioral health providers in the Springfield, MA area.
      • Out of state Medicaid and many HMO or EPO plans do not provide out-of-network coverage. Emergency only coverage does not meet Massachusetts SHIP requirements.
      • Many plans do not cover referrals made by Health Services.
      • If you do not submit a petition to waive form by the deadline above, you will be enrolled in SHIP and responsible for the premium.
    • Student Athletes
      • Athletes must complete this process before you arrive for the semester in order to ensure health insurance coverage.
    • International Students
      • All international students are required to enroll in the SHIP. This process is done automatically for international students and does not require any further action.
    • Massachusetts Health Insurance Regulation
      • The Commonwealth of Massachusetts mandates that all matriculated full-time and three-quarter-time students attending an institution of higher education in this state who are not enrolled solely in short term courses or in an online program must be enrolled in a qualifying Student Health Plan that meets established minimum benefit guidelines.
      • MUST complete a waiver showing proof of comparable coverage once every year in order to have the fee reversed (by posted deadlines).
    • For more information concerning the Student Health Insurance Plan visit our website.
Submit Final High School Transcript
  • Before starting classes this fall, we need to have verification of your high school completion. This is usually done by receiving your final high school transcript or GED certificate.
  • To learn how to fulfill this requirement, please visit our FAQ website.
Finalize Financial Plan
  • We know college can be expensive, and we’re dedicated to helping you understand your financial responsibility with AIC. Bills and Student Account Documents will be sent in a separate package around mid-June.
  • Visit the Student Accounts website HERE in order to complete the following action items:
    •  Review:  Your Billing Statement (this is available once a class schedule has been finalized)
    • Complete Forms:
      • Financial Responsibility Agreement (REQUIRED)
      • Authorization For The Release Of Financial Information (Optional: Highly recommended)
      • Authorization for Federal Student Aid (Optional)
  • Payment Arrangements: Review the payment options and initiate your plan
  • Online Payments
    • Make payments easily online through the Payment Gateway.
    • Log in to your student portal, MyAIC, navigate to “My Profile,” “My Student Billing,” “Payment Gateway.”
    • Set up your Payment Gateway account through Nelnet.
    • Make one time payments anytime.
  • Monthly Payment Plans
    • Sign up for a monthly payment plan online through the Payment Gateway. Monthly Payment Plan Options open June 1st.
    • Log in to your student portal, MyAIC, navigate to “My Profile,” “My Student Billing,” “Payment Gateway.”
    • Set up your Payment Gateway account through Nelnet.
    • For information regarding payment plan options, visit https://www.aic.edu/admissions/tuition-financial-aid/payment-plans/.


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