Graduate Admissions FAQ’s

If you’re anything like us, you will have questions. Below are a listing of the most common questions asked by our incoming students.

How do I apply?
Applications can be found electronically on our Graduate Apply page. Paper applications can be mailed upon request by contacting the Graduate Admissions Office at (Paper applications are unavailable for DPT and MSOT candidates. Please see the Graduate Admissions Requirements page for further information.)

What is the application deadline?

Many of our programs offer rolling admissions, which means we evaluate applications throughout the year. However, we strongly encourage applicants to apply by July 15th (fall term entry), November 15th (Spring term entry) and April 15th (Summer term entry) to provide sufficient time to plan and prepare to begin the program.

Students applying to the Doctorate of Physical Therapy program and Master of Occupational Therapy programs should refer to program-specific deadlines. The preferred application deadline for both programs is December 1st. The final application deadline for the Doctorate of Physical Therapy program is March 1st. The final application deadline for the Master of Occupational Therapy program has been extended to May 1st. Late applications will be reviewed if space allows.

Do you require the GRE?
No. We do not require the GRE for admission into any of our graduate programs.

I have questions regarding my previous academic success, can I set up a meeting with a Graduate Admissions Counselor to discuss specifics?

Of course. If you ever have questions, we’re here to help. Call our office at 413.205.3700 or email

Where should I have my transcripts sent?

Official transcripts can be mailed to:

American International College
1000 State St.
Springfield, MA 01109
Attn: Graduate Admissions


Official transcripts can be emailed to

When will I hear about an admissions decision?
For graduate programs with rolling admissions deadlines, candidates should expect a final admissions decision 2-4 weeks after their application has been completed.

DPT candidates will be contacted by mail when a decision has been reached. Candidates with applications submitted and verified by December 1st will have an admissions decision mailed the week of February 28th. Applications submitted and verified by the March 1st application deadline will have admissions decisions mailed the week of April 30th.

I already submitted my online application, where should I send my recommendations and personal statement?

Students wishing to update their file post submission should log in to the application portal using the username and password established at the time of application. Once logged in, additional documentation can be added to your file.

If you would like to send us hard copy information, please have original documents mailed to:

American International College
1000 State St.
Springfield, MA 01109
Attn: Graduate Admissions

How can I get an update on my application status?

Students wishing an update on their file should contact their admissions counselor directly or the Graduate Admissions Office by emailing or calling 413.205.3700.

Can I transfer in credits to a graduate program at AIC?

All master’s degree programs permit the transfer of up to ten semester hours of graduate credit taken at another college or university if those graduate courses are substantially similar in content to the degree program courses at AIC. Doctoral students wishing to transfer credits taken at another college or university for courses which are substantially similar in content to the courses at AIC should consult the appropriate doctoral program for specific details. At minimum, an earned grade of B or better for the equivalent semester hours of credit is required. In all of these matters, please consult the appropriate graduate degree program for specific details.

For questions regarding transfer credits, please contact the Graduate Admissions Office at 413.205.3700.

My prerequisites are over 5 years old, do you waive any prerequisites on an individual basis?

No, we do not waive prerequisites courses under any circumstances.

Can I apply for admissions even though I am in the process of completing the required prerequisites?

Students can apply for admissions while prerequisites courses are still in progress; however, if admitted they will receive a conditional admissions decision until those courses are successfully completed according to the posted admissions guidelines. All prerequisite courses must be completed no later than 30 days prior to enrollment (unless otherwise specified in your admissions letter).

Is the Master of Science in Nursing program approved for delivery in all 50 states?

No, at this time the MSN program has not been approved in all 50 states. Students with a permanent residence outside of Massachusetts or Connecticut are asked to contact the Graduate Admissions Office directly for further information.

How much does my program cost?
Graduate tuition costs can be found on our Admissions Costs page.

Do you offer Graduate Student Scholarships?

Yes, our Master in Occupational Therapy program for the entering class of Fall 2021 offers merit based scholarships.

Does AIC have Graduate Assistant Positions?

Yes, AIC has a limited number of graduate assistantships available. To learn more about graduate assistantship opportunities at AIC, please contact the financial aid office.

Do you offer graduate housing?

Yes. AIC is excited to announce that we opened our first graduate apartment complex in the fall of 2018. In addition to the new graduate specific apartments, AIC offers additional housing options in each of our residence halls on campus. In these buildings, we try our best to put graduate students together in apartments or in standard double rooms when we see we have multiple graduate students looking for housing. Graduate Students who would like to live on campus can apply for housing by going to the myAIC Residence Life and Student Conduct page.

What do you do during a Low Residency Weekend?

Five weekends a year, students come together on campus for three-day weekend residencies, which provide a variety of learning opportunities. Among these are regular activities such as core group meetings, professional seminars, guest speakers, student presentations, skills-based workshops, and cross-disciplinary discussions. These programs are meant to reach those working professionals who cannot be constrained by the traditional classroom. AIC supplements its campus residencies and brings the coursework to you by means of an Internet-based lecture and mentor programs. Thus, students can fit courses around their work and home schedules.

I am worried about my GPA not being competitive enough, can you review my prerequisites and evaluate my potential?

Potential applicants are encouraged to schedule a visit with their admissions counselor. We would be happy to discuss application requirements and potential application concerns during a one on one meeting. Please call our office at 413.205.3700 to schedule a meeting.

When are the classes held?

Our programs are designed for the working professional. Times and locations of classes vary by program and location, please contact Graduate Admissions at 413.205.3700 or by email at for more specific information.

Do I have to take the TOEFL?

Non-native speakers of English who wish to pursue a graduate degree must submit evidence of proficiency in the English language. Applicants will be granted an automatic TOEFL waiver if they have earned an undergraduate degree from a country whose official language is English.

Results from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), require a minimum overall score of 550 for the paper-based test, 213 for the computer-based test, or 80 for the Internet-based test. Results from the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Academic Model, require a minimum overall score of 6.5. Schools and programs may have higher standards that prevail over the Graduate School policy. TOEFL or IELTS scores are only official when submitted directly from the testing service, copies will not be accepted. All testing scores are only valid for two years from the exam date.

I went to a university outside of the United States, does this transcript need to be evaluated by a transcript evaluation service?

Yes, all transcripts from non-US countries must receive a course by course evaluation through a recognized evaluation service. We accept all evaluations from all active members associated with the NACES organization. (

I need an F1 visa to attend college in the United States, are all of your programs F1 visa eligible?

No. Due to varying on-campus requirements, not all of our programs are F1 Visa eligible. Low Residency programs EdD programs with concentrations in Teaching and Learning, Educational Leadership and Supervision, Professional Counseling and Supervision, Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology, Masters of Education (MEd and CAGS), and online programs (Master of Science in Nursing and Doctorate of Occupational Therapy) are ineligible for international students seeking an F1 Visa.

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