Co-Curricular Leadership & Involvement Awards

At AIC, we love to reward leadership and exceptional performance, for both academics and extracurricular activities. Our Co-Curricular Leadership & Involvement Awards celebrate the work of outstanding undergraduate students and their exemplary service to American International College and the community.


Nominations are open for the 2024 Co-Curricular and Rex’s Best Awards. AIC has many students deserving recognition so please take note throughout the year of who you would like to publicly recognize for one of the awards listed below.

Nomination Process

Faculty, staff, and students nominate eligible candidates by completing the nomination form (ENGAGE sign-in required) by April 15th. After the nominees are chosen, they are screened for eligibility, including a conduct and GPA review. Then, the Co-Curricular Leadership and Involvement Awards Selection Committee review and selects awardees. At the Co-Curricular Leadership and Involvement Awards Ceremony, we gather to announce and celebrate our student leaders. The Co-Curricular Leadership and Involvement Awards Ceremony will be held on Monday, April 22nd at 6pm in the Schwartz Campus Center Auditorium. A reception will immediately follow in the Stinger Pub.

The Awards

There are a variety of awards for students, each one designed to recognize a different kind of student leader.

Harry S. Levitan Award

Established in 2002 by Dr. Joseph J. Levitan, in memory of his brother Harry S. Levitan, Class of 1943. Harry Levitan went on to a very rewarding career in education, helping others to achieve their dreams. The award is presented to an AIC student who displays Harry Levitan’s admirable personal qualities of courage, integrity, honor, respect, loyalty, duty, and service to American International College.

Henrietta Littlefield Award

Awarded to the female senior(s) who best exemplify the leadership qualities and commitment to co-curricular student life of Henrietta Littlefield, professor and first Director of Student Activities at American International College

Chester S. McGown Award

Awarded to senior(s) who demonstrate consistency in leadership as provided by Chester S. McGown through his 35-year presidency that spanned a period of enormous changes involving two World Wars and the intervening Great Depression

John Homer Miller Emerging Leadership Award

Awarded to first-year or sophomore student(s) who have demonstrated leadership early in their college career. John Homer Miller served as Acting President of American International College from 1948-1950. The College acquired the Reed Estate (now the Edgewood Gardens Campus) and provided the needed resources for organized and structured student activities and leadership development under his young, but visionary leadership.

Naomi White-Inniss Social Justice Award

Awarded to student(s) who have triumphed over adversity, worked to bring the American International College community together, and exhibit the leadership qualities of Naomi White-Inniss who served 40 years as Director of Multicultural Affairs.

Distinguished Service Award

Awarded to student(s) who do not necessarily hold a leadership position, but demonstrate loyalty and commitment to the enhancement of student life.

Student Life Recognition Award

Awarded to student(s) who have had a direct impact on improving an existing program or initiating a new program or organization.

Volunteer of the Year Award

Awarded to the student who has worked in a volunteer capacity in a consistent and selfless manner.

Program of the Year Award

Awarded to the person or organization who has sponsored an event or program resulting in lasting and long-term impact on the student body.

Ingenuity Award

Awarded to student(s) who have shown a high level of creativity, uniqueness, and ingenuity in the design and delivery of programs.

Higher Dedication Award (Staff Award)

Presented to the American International College staff member who on a daily basis impacts, uplifts, and inspires students in the simplest yet most sincere and meaningful ways.

Rex's Best Award

Awarded to juniors or seniors who have demonstrated personal growth through sustained leadership in clubs, organizations, athletics and/or in the community while serving as a positive role model both inside and outside of the classroom. These students require a minimum of a 2.5 cumulative GPA.

Student Employee of the Year Award

The Student Employee of the Year Award is given to a student who has been distinguished by the caliber of the work contributed to the employing department, the commitment to the function of that area, and the exhibition of the high quality work readiness that reflects the values and standard of our AIC alumni everywhere in the workplace.

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