Information for Parents

We understand it can be a little unsettling to have your student away from your care. But we are here to ensure that our students get the support and guidance they need. The mission of the Dexter Counseling Center is to assist in the learning process and help students overcome any obstacles in their way.

How we can help

We offer one-on-one, group and couples counseling for a variety of issues from depression to substance abuse to homesickness.. Please feel free to call or drop by to learn more about our services, discuss any concerns you might have about your student, or get assistance with additional resources available in your community.


Confidentiality is essential to good counseling. Laws generally prohibit us with sharing any information about your student unless they have given us their written permission to do so — or if we have any reason to believe they might be a danger to themselves or someone else. However, these laws don’t prevent us from discussing how you can be more supportive to your student.


There are countless resources out there that offer advice to parents of college-aged students. Many parents have found this one particularly helpful:

Don’t Tell Me What To Do, Just Send Money: The Essential Parenting Guide To The College Years, by Helen Johnson, Chrisine Schelher-Miller and Christine Schelher-Miller.

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