Welcome to your new home!

Many of our students say that living on our campus is one of the best parts of their college experience. We work hard to make each residence hall feel like its own community, and to make sure you feel like family. This is much more than where you sleep. It’s a place to hang out with friends. To finish your term paper, grab a tasty meal or throw on sweats and watch a movie. It’s a place to feel comfortable and safe.

This is home.

Residency requirements

Living on campus is a great way to get to know the college and other students. That’s why all of our full-time undergrads live on campus during freshman and sophomore year.

Exceptions for freshmen and sophomores

We do allow for some exceptions. If you are a freshman or sophomore (by credit as of the first day of classes in the fall), you may live off campus if you meet one of these requirements and complete the Off-Campus Residency Application:

  • You live with your parent(s) or guardian(s) within 30 miles of AIC
  • You are a legally responsible party for dependent children or other family members
  • You live with your spouse
  • You need special housing due to a physical disability that AIC cannot reasonably accommodate

Exceptions for juniors, seniors and those 23 or older

If you are a junior or senior (by credit as of the first day of classes in the fall) or are at least 23 years old, you may live off campus if you complete the Off-Campus Residency Application and Education Program.

Residence halls

Get the specifics about our main campus residence halls (Hines, Pouch and Magna), and the two in Edgewood Gardens (Acorn Heights and the Edgewood Complex), near the athletic fields.

Check them out

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