Springfield Scholar Athletes

In conjunction with Springfield Scholar Athletes, AIC offers a one-credit service learning course, through which AIC students mentor area high school students to overcome hurdles to education.

Scholar Athletes helps high school students build skills and confidence, shape character, and enhance opportunities for success. AIC students embrace the opportunity to help high school students achieve, becoming their enthusiastic cheerleaders and challenging themselves at the same time.

Scholar Athletes offers programming through zones with AIC students as mentors in three Springfield high schools.  AIC students learn persistence strategies and develop career goals.

AIC Students learn how to:

  • Become increasingly engaged in focused self-exploration,
  • Improve academic self-efficacy,
  • Learn emotional well-being, personal growth, and decision-making skills,
  • Engage in campus and surrounding communities, and
  • Explore their college financial literacy skills.

AIC students participate in a minimum of two hours of service activity each week in addition to their coursework—mentoring, tutoring, and connecting with high school students. Most students enrolled in the Service Learning course engage in at least five hours of related activity each week, including class and study time plus time mentoring, tutoring, and spending time with high school students.

“AIC and the Scholar Athletes program in the public schools is in the heart of the urban area of Springfield. Our students not only share their success stories and their failures in academic success, but they help the high school students learn to overcome the hurdles that are associated with any education.” — Susan Petrucelli, EdD , AIC Director of Developmental Education

For more information email: Susan Petrucelli at susan.petrucelli@aic.edu and visit the Scholar Athletes website.

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