Dexter Health Services


The mission of Dexter Health Services, in alignment with the College’s mission, is to provide quality, convenient, and cost-effective healthcare and wellness education that helps our students achieve personal fulfillment and professional achievement.

Our Services Include:

• Care of common illnesses including colds, sore throats, vomiting/diarrhea
• On site strep, mono, pregnancy, and urine testing
• Sutures/Staples (stitches) and removal
• Management of minor orthopedic injuries
• STI testing
• Birth control counseling
• OTC medications/prescriptions written
• Immunizations
• Allergy shots
• Phlebotomy (blood draw)
• IV fluid hydration

Cost of Services Provided

There is no charge to be seen by a healthcare professional at health services for a general sick call visit. The only other charges that a patient may incur are for prescriptions and lab work/studies that are charged to the student by off campus sources.

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