Traveling to the United States

You Have Your F-1 Visa, Your Bags Are Packed, You’re Ready To Fly…

Make sure you have the following original documents handy when you get to the airport-do not pack them in your suitcase:

  • Original, Current, 3- page I-20 form (The university listed on your current I-20 must be the university you are attending when you enter the United States)
  • Any previously issued I-20 forms
  • Valid F-1 visa
  • Valid passport
  • Copy of financial documents showing adequate funds to attend American International College (AIC)
  • Acceptance letter from AIC
  • Copy of your SEVIS fee receipt (paid)
  • EAD Card; Only needed if you are approved to work in the United States.
  • Contact information for AIC’s Office for International Student Life
  • Completed Customs Declaration Form 6059B which will be given to you by the airline attendant during your flight or at your point of entry.


  • When you arrive at your destination, be sure to make copies of all your documents and keep them in a safe place. It will be easier to request new ones using these copies if you misplace your originals.
  • Never throw away or destroy an I-20, regardless of where you are attending school.

What to expect at the airport or other point of entry:

You will likely be flying into Logan International Airport (BOS) in Boston, Massachusetts. The airport is located approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes east of Springfield, MA (approx. 92 miles or 148km). After exiting the airplane, you will be required to go through a customs and immigration check. This can often take quite a bit of time, depending on the time and day you arrive.

You will need to present your documentation to the Customs and Border Protection Officer who will approve (or deny) your access to the United States. Once approved, the Officer will provide you with a CBP admission stamp on your paperwork. This is now an I-94 electronic record. In the past, travelers were issued a paper copy of their I-94. However, it is all done electronically now.

*A Form I-94 reflects the date and class of admission, and the expiration date of the period of authorized stay.

Note: Don’t be offended if you are searched at the airport. Baggage is routinely searched at airports for safety and security purposes. Officers are authorized to make baggage checks without search warrants. They may also request to search your electronic devices such as laptops, cell phones, iPads, digital cameras and any other device you may be carrying with you.

If all your documents are in order, you should not experience problems at the border. However sometimes unforeseen problems occur when entering the United States. Don’t get upset, it won’t help your situation. Stay calm and patient. If you have an issue you cannot resolve on your own, you can always contact the Office for International Student Life at AIC 413.654.1731 for assistance. Worst case scenario, ask the Customs and Border Protection Officer to contact your Embassy in the United States for resolution.

Getting from Logan International Airport to American International College


Taxi Service (which will be very expensive)


Can’t wait to see you stateside!

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