Accepted Students

You have applied to American International College (AIC) and have been accepted. Now what?

Undergraduate and Graduate Students

After you have been officially admitted into an academic program and sent in your initial tuition deposit, you will be sent a link to complete your Affidavit of Financial Support. Per US Government regulations, you are required to demonstrate your ability to financially support yourself while attending school in the United States. This includes tuition, room & board, books, personal expenses, and travel expenses.

Upon approval of your financial support documentation, you will be issued an I-20 Form from the Office for International Student Life.

Take the next steps.

Click on the following links for more information on the steps you need to take to begin your academic career here at AIC.

1) Accept Your Offer of Admission

All new students are sent an admissions letter with a reply form to accept the offer. Your first step in the visa process is to accept the offer of admission by submitting the confirming deposit! If you have questions about the application process see our graduate admissions page or our undergraduate admissions page.

2) Submit Information to the Office of International Student Life

Part of your agreement with AIC and the US Government is to pay your tuition. For international students, we need to verify your funding sources to ensure that your balance will be covered. This is done once per degree level. Please complete the Initial Eligibility Questionnaire to help us learn more about you and make sure we take the right steps toward assisting you in obtaining your F-1 visa. Once submitted, a personalized Affidavit of Financial Support document will be prepared and sent to you for completion. Along with this document, you will be required to provide proof of funds. Quite often, this is in the form a stamped bank statement.

3) Obtaining an Immigration Document

After receiving your deposit and Affidavit of Financial Support, the Office of International Student Life will issue your immigration document (I-20). This generally takes 2-3 weeks. This document will be mailed to you via courier service to the address listed on your AIC application. This original document is needed for your visa appointment and all travel.

4) Make your I-901 (SEVIS Fee) Payment

An I-901 or SEVIS Fee is used to maintain your student record and required by the US Government. It only needs to be completed once as long as you maintain active status. For many applicants, it can be completed via credit card here: This must be completed before applying for your student visa. Be sure to record your payment by keeping a copy of your receipt and send one to the Office of International Student Life.

5) Applying for the Student Visa

After you receive your I-20, you will be ready to apply for your US visa. Instructions on how to apply for a US F-1 student visa can be found on the Applying for an F1 Student Visa page.

Transfer Students

If you applied to another school and entered the United States with the name of that school on your I-20, you must spend a minimum of one semester at that school before you can transfer to American International College. See our School Transfer Instructions to view all details regarding our international transfer procedure.

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