We want everyone who has the drive to attend AIC to be able to afford their education. For that reason, we are transparent about the costs you can expect as an AIC student.

Below you’ll find our tuition and other costs for undergraduate and graduate students. Keep in mind that 99% of our full-time undergraduate students receive some form of financial aid or grants, so your total cost may be significantly lower than our full tuition. We want to make this journey achievable for you. To estimate your total AIC cost, use our net price calculator.

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Undergraduate Costs

Fall 2017 / Spring 2018 Academic Year

Rates are effective as of 5/1/17.

Direct Costs to Consider FT On Campus/ Academic Year FT Off Campus/ Academic Year
Tuition (full-time; 12-17 credits) $34,470 $33,470
Health Insurance* TBD TBD
Double Room** $6,930 $0
All Access 7 Day Meal Plan** $6,620 $0
Campus Parking $260 $110

*Massachusetts law requires health insurance coverage for all students enrolled in 75% of full time based on program requirements and who are not enrolled solely in an online program or solely in short term courses. AIC automatically applies the insurance fee but it may be waived during the open enrollment period if the student has comparable coverage with another carrier. It is the student’s responsibility to make certain that alternative coverage is comparable. Health insurance coverage information can be found at and selecting American International College.

**Based on a Traditional Double Room and Meal plan of All Access 7 day plus $100.

Indirect Costs to Consider FT On Campus FT Off Campus
Books and Supplies $1,200 $1,200
Personal Expenses $1,000 $1,000
Loan Fees $70 $70
Housing Expenses $0 $3,000
Undergraduate Specialty Rates Cost Fees
Tuition (less than 12 credits or more than 17 credits) $710/credit $30 Registration Fee/term for less than 12 credits
Summer Tuition $710/credit $30 Registration Fee/term
RN to BSN program $TBD/credit $30 Registration Fee/term
Junior/Senior Occupational Therapy Same as Master of Science in
Occupational Therapy
Senior Physical Therapy Same as Doctorate in
Physical Therapy
Lab/Course Amount Charge Per
ACC1202 Principles of Accounting $115 Course
ART1000 History of Art $115 Course
ART1010 Aesthetic Experience $115 Course
ART1030 Art Appreciation Drawing $50 Course
ART1100 Art Appreciation Painting $115 Course
ART1110 Studio Painting $115 Course
ART1120 Craft & Design $115 Course
BIO1101 General Biology $305 Course
BIO1111 General Biology II $305 Course
BIO1131 Environmental Biology $305 Course
BIO1200 Human Anatomy $410 Course
BIO1210 Human Anatomy II $410 Course
BIO1300 Principles of Microbiology $410 Course
BIO1400 Biology I $410 Course
BIO1500 Biology II $410 Course
BIO2400 Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy $410 Course
BIO2410 Animal Histology $410 Course
BIO2420 Botany $410 Course
BIO2430 Microbiology $410 Course
BIO3400 Cell Biology $410 Course
BIO3410 Immunology $410 Course
BIO3420 Comparative Embryology $410 Course
BIO3440 Ecology $410 Course
BIO3450 Genetics $410 Course
BIO3460 Environmental Microbiology $410 Course
BIO4030 Molecular Biology $410 Course
BIO4200 Wildlife Bio & Conservation $410 Course
BIO4210 Mammalogy $410 Course
BIO4698 Independent Studies $410 Course
BIO4833 Research Problems $410 Course
BIO4834 Research Problems $410 Course
CHE1100 Chemistry and Society I $345 Course
CHE1110 Chemistry and Society II $345 Course
CHE1200 Introduction to Chemistry $345 Course
CHE1211 Gen. Org. & Bio. Chemistry $345 Course
CHE1701 General Chemistry I $345 Course
CHE1701 General Chemistry II $345 Course
CHE2401 Organic Chemistry I $345 Course
CHE2501 Organic Chemistry II $345 Course
CHE2600 Analytical Chemistry $345 Course
CHE3401 Physical Chemistry I $345 Course
CHE3501 Physical Chemistry II $345 Course
CHE3601 Inorganic Chemistry $345 Course
CHE3651 Organic Lab Techniques $345 Course
CHE4050 Instrumental Analysis $345 Course
CHE4201 Biochemistry I $345 Course
CHE4301 Biochemistry II $345 Course
CHE4600 Physical Biochemistry $345 Course
CHE4698 Directed Study $345 Course
COM1400 Intro to Broadcasting $245 Course
COM1410 Digital Photography I $245 Course
COM2401 Radio Programming and Production $245 Course
COM2411 Digital Photography II $245 Course
COM2890 Radio & TV Sports $245 Course
COM3261 Interactive Media I $245 Course
COM3411 Documentary Photo $245 Course
COM3461 Photojournalism $245 Course
COM3462 Adv Photography $245 Course
COM3632 Radio & TV News $245 Course
COM3660 TV News Production $245 Course
COM3661 Adv Video Prod $245 Course
COM3670 Editing & Producing Video $245 Course
COM3830 Digital Media Aps $245 Course
COM4470 The Broadcast Commercial $245 Course
EDU2102 Intro. To Education $160 Course
EDU2103 Mtel Prep $160 Course
MUS1030 Opera Appreciation $345 Course
MUS1040 Supernatural in Opera $345 Course
OTR5050 Neuroscience $400 Course
OTR5130 Gross Anatomy $400 Course
PHY1011 Science for the 21st Cent. $340 Course
PHY1021 Earth Science $340 Course
PHY1031 Playground to Battlefield $340 Course
PHY1051 Astrology for the Liberal Arts $340 Course
PHY1210 Physics of the Human Body $340 Course
PHY1601 General Physics I $355 Course
PHY1801 General Physics II $355 Course
VDA1410 Cultivating Creativity $115 Course
Description Amount Amount Per
Health Check Fee:
NUR2540, NUR3740, NUR4340, NUR5040, NUR6042, NUR6560, OTR5050, OTR5233, OTR6030, PTR7150, PTR7450, PTR7660
$105 Course
Nursing Program Fee (Sophomore): NUR2840 $605 Course
Nursing Program Fee (Junior): NUR3740, NUR3940 $895 Course
Nursing Program Fee (Senior): NUR4340, NUR4940 $1080 Course
Nursing Exam Fee: NUR2540, NUR2740, NUR3740, NUR3940, NUR4532, NUR4533 $90 Course
Online Fee: NUR6040, NUR6041, NUR6510 $75 Course
Online Fee: NUR6540, NUR6550, NUR6561 $150 Course
Withdrawal Fee (See Withdrawal and Refund Schedule) $750 Session

Graduate Program Tuition*

Rates effective 5/1/2017

School of Health Sciences Cost
Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) $700/credit
  • Family Nurse Practitioner (Year 2 and after)
Post Master’s Certificate Family Nurse Practitioner $860/credit
Master of Science in Occupational Therapy (MSOT) $21,170/term
  • (Track One- Year 5, Track Two- Year 3) (Spring)
  • (Track One- Year 5, Track Two- Year 3) (Summer)
Occupational Therapy Doctorate (OTD) $1,035/credit
Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) $50,900/year
  • (Fall & Spring: $21,375 per session)
  • (Summer: $8,150 per session)
Graduate Education Program Cost
Master of Education (MEd)*
(School of Education–Extended Campus Programs only)
CAGS in Education $439/credit

*Starting in the Fall of 2017 practicum course credit allocations and duration have been restructured. Students who do not complete their practicums in the allotted number of semesters and semester credit hours will be required to enroll in a practicum continuation course. The continuation course will be charged at the appropriate cohort credit rate. Students who were admitted to AIC prior to Fall 2017 and who have been continuously enrolled in courses since that time, will not be subject to this change.

Graduate Degree Programs Cost
Master of Arts in General Psychology (MA) $890/credit
Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology (MA) $890/credit
Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology (MA) $505/credit
Master of Business Administration (MBA) $550/credit
Master of Business Administration (4+1) (MBA) $550/credit
Master of Business Administration in Resort and
Casino Management (MBA)
Master of Education
(non-School of Education–Extended Campus programs)
Doctor of Education in Educational Psychology (EdD) $890/credit
Doctor of Education with concentrations in:

  • Educational Leadership and Supervision;
  • Individual and Institutional Development.
  • Professional Counseling and Supervision;
  • Psychology;
  • Teaching and Learning;
Master of Science in Accounting and Taxation (MSAT) $890/credit
Master of Science in Forensic Psychology (MS) $890/credit
Graduate Certificate Programs Cost
Graduate Certificate in General Psychology $890/credit
Graduate Certificate in Management $550/credit
Graduate Certificate in Resort and
Casino Management
Graduate Level Fees Cost
Health Check Fee:
NUR2540, NUR3740, NUR4340, NUR5040, NUR6042, NUR6560, OTR5050, OTR5233, OTR6030, PTR7150, PTR7450, PTR7660
Online Fee: NUR6040, NUR6041, NUR6510 $75/course
Registration Fee
(Does not Apply to School of Education or Master of Occupational Therapy Students, Doctor of Education (Trimester), Doctorate in Physical Therapy)
Online Fee NUR6540, NUR6550, NUR6561 $150/course
Technology Fee (Master of Education-Cohort Model) $110 /one-time fee

All Students

Fee Cost
Supportive Learning Services $2,680/term
Parking Fee – Resident $130/term
Parking Fee – Commuter $55/term
Transcript Fee $10/each
Transcript Fee: Same Day $15/each
Transcript Fee: International Overnight $100/each
Transcript Fee: Overnight $50/each
Diploma Replacement Fee $75/each
Returned Check Fee $15/each
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